15 Backyard Ideas on a Budget

So far my 2017 has been pretty hectic and full of things to do and definitely not enough time to do them. I can’t believe summer is pretty much here already. Our backyard is a bit of a disaster at the moment 🙁 We have a really nice, really large, outdoor patio made from bricks and pavers that we will have to spend some time repairing this year as it has begun to collapse in the corners. We also have a whole lot of weeding to do. At least we managed to clean out our gutters a few weeks ago, so I am feeling a little bit accomplished 🙂

Nevertheless, we are definitely on a budget right now and I have been digging through Pinterest to find cheap but pretty ideas to make our backyard feel a little more like a home and a little less like a jungle. If you happen to be in the same boat as us, here are 15 backyard ideas on a budget that will surprise you with how beautiful they are.

1. Build a backyard firepit for only $60

2. Make DIY Salt Dough Starfish Garland

3. Create a Beautiful Pallet Walkway

4. Make Your Own DIY Tiki Torches from Liquor & Wine Bottles

5. Use a Broken Clay Pot to Make a Succulent Garden

6. Create New Patio Furniture Out of Old Pallets

7. Repurpose Flower Baskets into an Outdoor Chandelier

8. DIY Hose Holder for the Garden

Shanty 2 Chic

9. DIY Concrete Garden Globes

10. Make Unique Stepping Stones Using a Rubber Doormat and Concrete

11. Make a Windchime Out of Bottle Caps

Amazon sells a variety of bottle caps cheap if you do not have any saved at home

12. Create Simple Garden Signs from Pallets

13. Spray Paint Inexpensive Clip Lights From a Hardware Store

14. Paint Homemade Garden Markers Using Stones

15. Revamp Old Trash Cans or Plastic Planters with Spray Paint

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