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I love Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. Why? Because it saves me a lot of money, time and hassle. I am constantly recommending Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program to friends and family and I have noticed one common thing…a lot of people are hesitant to sign up for it. Today I am going to show you why Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program rocks!

What is Subscribe and Save?

Subscribe and Save is a very simple way to save a lot of money on household goods and products. Set up regularly scheduled deliveries and earn extra savings with Subscribe & Save. From diapers to toothpaste to dog treats, you can subscribe to thousands of everyday products from Amazon and Amazon Marketplace.

Why it Rocks

  • Choose 1-4 products to be delivered in a month and save 5%
  • Choose 5+ products to be delivered in a month and save 15%
  • Very Flexible: You can remove products from your list at any time, change the delivery frequency at any time and cancel at any time. You can also skip months if you need to.
  • Prime members receive 20% off diaper subscriptions
  • Delivered to your doorstep. No hassle or going to the store for things you need!

I think there are a couple of reasons people are hesitant to sign up for Subscribe & Save.

Automatically Withdrawn From Bank/Credit Card: I set up a reminder in my phone’s calendar to alert me a few days before the payment is withdrawn. I then take this time to go through the products on my subscribe and save list to see what I actually need or do not need. You can also change the date of your delivery at any time. I take advantage of this frequently. The main reason I signed up for Subscribe and Save was to save money on pet food. The amount of pet food I buy usually lasts 6 weeks, so I typically do my order every 6 weeks, instead of every 4 weeks.

There Are Not 5 Products I Would Subscribe To: Trust me…there is. I cannot believe how many products I have found on Amazon to subscribe to. Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Napkins, Diapers, Pet Food, Cleaning Products, Pantry Staples & Snacks, Coffee, Vitamins, Tea, Beauty Products and so much more. Remember, you can cancel products at any time. Only buy your favorite mascara once or twice a year? Add it one month and the remove it for the next month.

I am going to give you an inside look at what I have on my Subscribe & Save list and how much money it typically saves me. Below is a spreadsheet with the items I purchase the most often on Subscribe and Save. It shows the name of the product, the price when you subscribe and save, the store I am comparing it to and the price at the compared store. The last column shows how much you save if you buy it through Subscribe and Save.


Product Amazon Subscribe & Save Price Compared to Store Compared Price Savings
AXE Antiperspirant Stick for Men (Pack of 2 – 2.7 oz each) $5.69 Walmart $6.69 (Pack of 2 – 2.7 oz each) $1.00
Beech-Nut Chicken & Chicken Broth Baby Food (Pack of 10 – 2.5 oz each) $7.99 Walmart $9.40 (Pack of 10 – 2.5oz each) $1.41
Dove Go Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant (2 pack) $5.98 Walmart $7.37 (2 pack) $1.39
Finish Dishwasher Tabs All in 1 Powerball Mega Pack, 90 Tablets $10.30 Walmart $12.12 (90 tablets) $1.82
Gillette Venus Original Women’s Razor Refill (8 count) $15.46 Walmart $22.88 (8 count) $7.42
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack (3 pack – 240 wipes) $8.47 Walmart $9.97 (3 pack – 240 wipes) $1.50
McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning (29 oz) $5.93 Walmart $8.73 (29 oz) $2.80
Nature’s Variety Grain Free Chicken Cat Food (12.1lb bag) $29.89 Petco $35.17 (12.1lb bag) $5.28
Nature’s Variety Grain Free Chicken Dog Food (25.3lb bag) $46.76 Petco $52.24 (25.3lb bag) $5.48
Nature’s Variety Grain Free Salmon Dog Food (25.3lb bag) $65.21 Petco $85.24 (25.3lb bag) $20.03
Nature’s Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil (32 oz) $13.76 Walmart $24.58 (32 oz) $10.82
Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Toothpaste (3 Pack – 4 oz each) $13.74 Walmart $5.43 each ($16.29 for 3) $2.55
Swiffer 180 Dusters Refills Unscented (16 count) $8.79 Walmart $10.34 (16 count) $1.55
Zico Coconut Water ( Pack of 6 – 33.8 fl oz each) $14.16 Walmart $3.98 each ($23.88 for 6) $9.72
Zuke’s Hip Action Dog Treats, Roasted Chicken Recipe (16 oz) $8.15 Petco $14.81 (16 oz) $6.66
Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats, Fresh Peanut Butter Formula, 16-Ounce $6.54 Petco $10.65 (16 oz) $4.11
Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats, Savory Salmon Recipe (16 oz) $5.60 Petco $10.65 (16 oz) $5.05
Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats, Wild Rabbit Recipe $8.28 Petco $10.65 (16 oz) $2.37
Total Savings $90.96


That’s right! By buying a lot of my common purchases through Subscribe and Save, I save a total of $90.96! Now obviously, I do not buy all of these products every month. I alternate products depending on what I need and occasionally I skip buying anything some months. Some months all I really need is pet food which takes up 3 of my 5 spots. I usually will then pick a filler item, such as a new tea flavor to try or a new lipstick. I always pick something that’s $5 or less that I know I will use. All of the money I am saving usually pays for my filler item anyways.

Here is a quick look at my Subscribe & Save Dashboard. It shows the items I have scheduled for delivery next month, the cost, the delivery date and the last day I can change my order. You can also change your delivery date, cancel items, skip items and change delivery frequency all from here.

subscribe and save dashboard

Amazon Coupons

You also have the potential to save a lot more. Amazon has their own coupon section in the Subscribe & Save store. You can find it here. As I am looking at the coupons right now, they have a great deal on Clorox Wipes. They are offering a pack of 4 canisters with 105 wipes in it. The normal cost is $23.14. The coupon is for 30% off and then you receive an additional 15% off with subscribe and save. This means that this 4 pack of Clorox Wipes only cost $13.77!! Now when you add a coupon it only applies to the first order, however, if the coupon is still available the next time I go to order, I just cancel my subscription to the product and then resubscribe with the coupon.

Keep An Eye on Prices

I like to keep a spreadsheet with the products I purchase frequently and I have a column for the best price I have ever gotten on a product, as well as what I paid the previous time I ordered it. This helps me keep track if it really is a deal. Also, review the items each month. Amazon prices can change at any time so sometimes, something that was a good deal one month, may not be a good deal another month. In my experience, this does not happen too often, however, I would still check.

We used to order Pasta Roni sides from Subscribe and Save, one month I noticed that the vendor decided to literally triple the price, it was about $15 more than buying it at the local grocery store! I think sometimes some of the vendors may try to get one over on people, so just keep an eye out. That is the only time I have experienced that since using Subscribe & Save in the past couple of years. That is probably not the normal, usually the variance I see is only a couple of dollars.

For the most part, that’s really all you need to know about Subscribe & Save. Take some time and compare prices between your favorite products on Amazon and Walmart’s website. I’m sure you will find a lot of great deals on the household goods you normally buy.

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