My Favorite Websites to Get Free Samples From

My Favorite Websites to Get Free Samples From

Who doesn’t love to get free samples? Not only does getting free samples online save me a ton of money, it gives me a chance to find new products that I may not have tried otherwise. If you do a quick search online, there are thousands upon thousands of free sample sites scattered across the web. Unfortunately, a lot of them are very spammy and make you jump through hoops to get things. Here are my favorite sites to get free samples from and I can verify they are all valid sites because I have received samples from every one of them.


      Sample Source is definitely my favorite site. You only have to sign up once and they send you samples every Spring, Summer, and Fall. They do not make you leave reviews on the samples either like other sites do. They are decent sized samples too. I have received travel size toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, laundry detergent, granola bars and much more. I have received about 3 sample orders so far and all of them had about 4-6 different products in each box plus coupons.


      I really liked PinchMe at first, but now it’s not one of my favorites. Hopefully, others will have a better experience.¬†Basically, when you sign up, you will need to complete your user profile. Then Pinch Me will e-mail you when they have samples available that match your interests, family etc. Once you receive your samples, you will then have to log back in and leave reviews on all of the products you’ve received. In the beginning, I received quite a few boxes from Pinch Me. For whatever reason, I have not qualified for any new samples in close to a year, even though I have completed feedback, so I have pretty much given up on this site, but they definitely sent a lot out in the beginning.


      My Savings is another great site. They update their website multiple times daily letting you know where to find free samples across the web. They’re also great about letting you know which offers are no longer valid. In addition to free samples, they also post websites that have coupons, giveaways, and sales!


      This website is setup the same way as My Savings, although I find that a lot of times, they seem to have different offers, so I try and check both of them often.

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