My Top 5 Favorite Motivational Podcasts

motivational podcasts

I love listening to motivational podcasts. They are a great way to get a daily dose of motivation to get things done and improve your life and personal self. I love listening to podcasts while I am cleaning the house or doing laundry. I even listen to podcasts while I am working, as long a what I am working on does not take a lot of concentration. Although I usually have more podcasts on my phone than I can really keep up with,  here is a list of my absolute favorite motivational podcasts that I try not to miss.

The Dave Ramsey Show

I am a huge fan of Dave Ramsey. I was actually introduced to Dave Ramsey several years ago while working in credit card collections. A customer I was calling to collect a debt from told me they were on “The Dave Ramsey Plan.” At the time, I had no idea what they were talking about, but my curiosity got the better of me. I sure wish I could tell that customer thank you. If you are trying to get out of debt and master your finances, you need to subscribe to this podcast. Each show is filled with callers calling in to ask questions about their financial situations and Dave Ramsey answers them with both a dose of reality and actionable advice. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt and this podcast definitely gives it to you. I also love that each show they have a debt free story, where someone comes on the show and talks about their debt and how Dave Ramsey’s plan helped them tackle it. It’s incredibly motivating to listen to.

Chris Brown’s True Stewardship

Chris Brown is actually a Dave Ramsey personality and his podcast is similar to Dave Ramsey’s. It is more a religious financial podcast that deals with God’s principles of handling money, but at the same time, even if you are not religious, this show is just as easy to listen to as Dave Ramsey. The setup is very similar, regular people calling in with financial questions, a lot of the questions are normal financial questions and some of them are more on the religious aspect of handling finances.

A Slob Comes Clean

I am allergic to cleaning 🙂 Any motivation I can get when it comes to keeping up on things is a huge plus. I actually used to read A Slob Comes Clean blog a lot and then at some point, I think it has been a year or two now, she came out with a podcast and I have found that to be super helpful as I don’t always have the time to keep up on blog posts from my favorite bloggers. Dana White offers reality based cleaning and organizing tips for those of us who find it hard to keep this portion of our lives under control. I really envy the people that have this part of their lives tackled, but it is so nice to hear from someone like myself, who has struggled with this area of their lives and still continues to struggle, yet at the same time, finds ways to constantly improve. If you find tackling clutter, cleaning, and organizing a daunting task…this podcast is a must!

Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

This is another great podcast for cleaning, organizing, and life management tips. I have found this podcast to be incredibly helpful. The podcast is hosted by Nikki Kinzer, an ADHD coach, and co-hosted by Pete Wright, a broadcaster, who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. The podcast is both funny with their day to day stories, but also incredibly helpful. Even if you do not suffer from ADHD, you will find their tips to be helpful if you’re not a pro at organizing and time management.

The Chalene Show

Chalene Johnson is a motivational speaker and fitness celebrity, best known for her exercise video system TurboFire which is sold by Beachbody. I love her podcast because it covers pretty much all aspects of life. She frequently has podcasts covering health, fitness, organizing, relationships, balance, focus, personal development, work ethic and so much more. There is something for everyone and she is a very fun personality to listen to.


This isn’t really a motivational podcast, although I guess some of their episodes would fall underneath motivational, but I couldn’t leave this one out because of how entertaining and interesting it is. Authors of the book Freakonomics, Stephen J. Dubner and Steve Levitt explore the hidden side of everything. Literally everything. From internet dating, parenting, sports, crime, tipping in restaurants and so much more. These guys take topics you would think would be probably boring and turn it into a 40 – 60-minute podcast that you just have to finish. I have learned so much about so many different topics from listening to this show. It’s a definite must!

Have any great motivational podcasts that you love? Post them in the comments below. I always love learning about new things to listen to!

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