10 Outside of the Box Ways to Make Money From Home

10 outside of the box ways to make money from home

I love finding unique and unusual ways to make extra cash at home. I am constantly bookmarking ideas and saving articles for things I would like to try later. Recently I was going through some of my pins and bookmarks and found some ideas that are a little bit different from the normal things I see. You know what I mean, taking surveys, blogging, reviewing websites, driving with Uber, etc. Here are 10 outside of the box ideas to make money from home.

Pinterest + Affiliate Links

Pinterest is an amazing tool for bloggers, but did you know you can earn money from Pinterest without even having a blog? OrganizeYour.biz has a great guide on how to earn $200+ a month from pinning affiliate links on Pinterest.


More than likely, you have some sort of skill that could be marketed and earn you a nice chunk of change. Whether it’s cake decorating, photography or social media marketing, Skillshare will pay you to teach others your skill through tutorial videos. According to Skillshare, the average teacher makes about $3,000 a year, however, depending on the topic, it can be substantially more.

Scanning Photos

I personally am in love with this idea. The Work At Home Woman has a great guide on how she earned approximately $300 per shoebox of photos she scanned. In this digital age, I can see this being more than just a side gig if you devote some time to it. I myself have about 3 or 4 shoeboxes of old photos lying around that I keep saying I will get to “someday”.

Arbitration Through Upwork

Being the middle man is a great way to make extra cash. I myself do this in my main business and am able to make a nice living from it. At Faith Life Money, this blogger was paid $450 by a friend to build them a website. They went to Upwork and hired a worker to build them the website for only $100 and kept the other $350 as profit.


TicketPuller.com is a nice way to make extra cash, especially if you have a flexible schedule. Basically you will be purchasing tickets in bulk and will earn a percentage of each ticket. A typical ticket pulling session is 15-30 minutes and most members make $15-$25 in that time frame.

Get Paid to Post & Share Your Freelance Photos

I’m sure a lot of people have heard about selling stock photography for extra cash, but did you know that you can get paid for sharing your photos…even if someone does not buy them? ImgRock.net is a site that pays you to upload and share your photos. Depending on your country you’ll get paid per view of your photo. For US and UK members you’ll get paid $8.50 per 1000 views. Visit here for more detailed info.

Become a Work at Home Researcher

Are you good at doing background research on businesses and industries? Hugo is an app that researches your clients to deliver the most relevant articles about them, their business and their industry. They then deliver summarized articles to you in time for your big meeting. If you love internet research, this could be a great way to earn from home.  They hire at $13 per hr. The Penny Hoarder has a great article about Hugo if you’re interested in learning more.

Rent Out Your Car

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Uber and Lyft. Being the neighborhood taxi isn’t really a new craze anymore, however, a company called Turo, is taking the market by storm. Think Air BNB for cars. In a nutshell, Turo will allow you to rent out your car, to someone else while making money off of it. If you’re going on vacation and need to rent a car, this can also save you a lot of money. Users report making $600+ a month. For more detailed information, visit here.

Flipping Websites

A long time ago, I used to build websites and flip websites for extra cash as a side gig and was able to bring in around $500 – $1,000 extra a month. For me personally, it became a bit too time consuming with all of the projects I had going on at that time. At Drink Coffee and Prosper, this blogger was able to make $80,000 in one year, buying websites, improving them and then flipping them for a profit.

Flea Market Flipping

This may not be too outside the box. I mean, most of us have probably sold at least one thing on eBay at some point in our lives. However, I had no idea the earning potential of flipping interesting and unique items was so high. Even better, the time investment seems to be rather low once you get the hang of it. At The Becomer, this blogger was able to make $42,000 in one year, only working 5-10 hours a week!

Have any interesting or unique ways that you have earned extra money from home? Post them in the comments below!


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