A Spark Energy Drink Alternative That is Budget Friendly and Works Better!

spark energy drink alternative

I was introduced to Spark Energy Drink mix¬†about a year ago when a woman from my husband’s personal training class recommended it and I have been looking for a budget friendly Spark Energy Drink alternative ever since. Don’t get me wrong, Spark is a good product and I love to support families who are earning an extra income from selling products from companies such as Advocare or Scentsy, but I personally have a very hard time justifying spending $50+ on a 30-45 day supply. I just do not have that in my budget for something like that, no matter how great it is. You could literally go to Costco and buy a 30 day supply of Monster Energy drinks for less.

I have been looking on Amazon for the past few months and have had trouble finding anything like it at a decent price that also has outstanding reviews. Recently, my husband and I have adopted a healthier lifestyle and have been working out and eating much healthier. I have always had some problems with energy and working out can sometimes be hard due to that. I found that Spark did help me out some, but it did not make a justifiable difference to spend that much money on it.

About a month ago, I went online to reorder Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein Powder that we use for our workouts and I noticed in the related products section that Optimum Nutrition sells a product called Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy. When I saw the picture, it looked very similar to Spark. So, naturally, I started reading customer reviews and was blown away. Several people said that this product was like Spark…only it worked a lot better. People reported feeling much more energy on this product and a large motivation to get things done. You would think, by the sounds of the reviews, that this product would be pretty spendy. Not even close. Although the prices on Amazon change a bit, depending on the flavor you choose, they range from $14.00 to $20.00! If you use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, you can get it for even a few dollars cheaper!

I decided to order the Green Apple flavor to test it out and I am in love. I noticed a large difference in energy using Optimum Nutrition compared to Spark. I poured 2 scoops into 17oz of bottled water and went about my day. I noticed that my workload improved a lot. I was able to get more done in less time. I did not feel as foggy as usual.

After a couple days of using it, things really started to change for me. If you have followed my blog at all, you probably know cleaning and keeping up with it is my nemesis. I really hate cleaning. After drinking Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy consistently, I suddenly started having motivation not only to clean a lot but to keep up on it and not let things get out of hand like I usually do. This stuff has literally changed my life in the last 30 days of using it. It has made working out easier as I am not as tired and drained, I can actually motivate myself to workout now. I also noticed that I am drinking a lot more water now too. So far, I have only tried the Green Apple and Watermelon flavors, but both taste great!

I typically do not really go out of my way to write product reviews. I do not even accept paid product reviews on my blog because I really do not want to write about a product I wouldn’t use myself. I just had to write a post about Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy. I really cannot believe how much this stuff has helped me. If you are looking for a Spark Energy Drink alternative that does not cost as much as a going out to dinner at a restaurant, I highly recommend giving Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy a try!


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