How I Get Tons of Free Magazine Subscriptions

free magazine subscriptions

Believe it or not, it is very easy to get free magazine subscriptions to several popular magazines, without any strings attached. I never pay for magazines anymore. Currently, some of the magazines I am receiving for free are Time, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes & Gardens, Elle, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, New York Magazine, US Weekly and a bunch of others.

The great thing is you will never receive a bill and most of the free magazine subscriptions are for a 1-year subscription, occasionally 2 years! A couple of the websites below, you may have to fill out a short survey, but most of them you just put in your address and they ship them directly to you! Here are my favorite websites to find free magazines:

  • This is actually a free sample website, but I have found that they are constantly posting which magazines are offering free subscriptions.
  • ValueMags: At this time, some popular subscriptions they are offering include Men’s Fitness, Family Fun, Family Circle and  OK. This site also has a rewards program where you can earn points by playing games and completing offers to earn free gift cards or free magazine subscriptions to magazines they do not normally offer for free.
  • Mercury Magazines: Subscribe to their e-mail list and you will be notified every time they have a new free magazine subscription available. I have scored a ton of great magazines this way! Also, even though it looks like the magazines they have are not very popular, still sign up. This is where I receive most of the magazines I really want. My subscription for Cosmopolitan, GQ, Good Housekeeping and more all came from this site.
  • RewardsGold: This site you have to fill out a survey for the magazine you want, but they are pretty short surveys. They also give you $10.00 in rewards just for signing up for a free account.


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My Favorite Websites to Get Free Samples From

These are my favorite sites to receive free magazines from. There are others out there as well, but I find that these ones are the easiest ones that require little to no effort. If you are a big reader, this is a great why to save money! If you work in a doctor’s office, this may also be a great way to update those old magazines! I know our doctor’s office has magazines sitting out from 4 or 5 years ago. I will warn you though, you may want to only choose a few first. I went a little crazy and now I have way more than I can read at this time. I suppose they will be great for some of the magazine crafts I have seen circulating around Pinterest!

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