How I Get Tons of Free Products From Amazon and Save Hundreds of Dollars

How I Get Tons of Free Products From Amazon and Save Hundreds of Dollars

Did you know that you can receive tons of free products from Amazon in exchange for your review? Hundreds of brand new companies will give away their products for free or at a deep discount in exchange for an honest review on Amazon. All of the products above are actual products I have received! I do a large amount of shopping on Amazon. I even purchased the Amazon Prime membership just because I was constantly placing between 3-4 orders each week. While reading reviews of products I was considering buying, I constantly saw reviews that said, “I received this product for free in exchange for my review”.

This really piqued my interest. How are so many people getting free products and what do I have to do to sign up to become a part of this? With a little research, I was able to find several sites that have products you can get for free in exchange for a review on Amazon. This is a list of the best Amazon sites I have found. There are a ton of them out there, but I personally only use a few of the really great ones, because I have a limited amount of time and these sites always have a lot of really great products.

First, before I get into the list of these sites, there are a few things you will want to do before signing up with them.

  • It is best to have an Amazon Prime account. I have found that most of these companies tend to choose subscribers with Amazon Prime first because the products get shipped to you in 2 days. This means these companies will receive your review much quicker than someone who does not have a Prime account. If you do not have a Prime account, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. With all of the added benefits of Amazon Prime, it is really worth it. They also now have a monthly subscription option for $10.99 a month!
  • Before signing up, take a few minutes to review some of your past Amazon purchases. I try to make all of my reviews a minimum of 200 words. I believe I wrote between 5-10 reviews on my profile before I signed up for any of these companies. This will give these companies some examples of your writing.
  • Also, edit your Amazon profile a little. On my profile, I added a picture of myself. I also wrote 2-3 sentences about myself in the “About Me” section. If you have an Amazon Prime account, make sure to mention that in the “About Me” section of you profile as well, preferably at the beginning. You can also put your e-mail in the “About Me” section if you would like. A lot of companies will reach out to you directly if they like how your reviews are written.


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Writing a product review

There are a few things you should know about writing a product review once you are approved for a product.

  • Always write a quality review. I do not know how many times I have seen reviews like this:

“This product works great! I love it! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.”

If you write a short non-descriptive review like this on the products you receive for free, eventually, these companies will no longer offer you products, or you may even get banned from some of the review sites. Always explain why you liked the product or did not like the product in detail. Sometimes I like to make pros and cons lists on my reviews, these always seem to be helpful to people. Try and keep the reviews to around 200 or more words. Remember, these companies are giving you their product for free or cheap, return the favor and leave them honest detailed feedback.

  • Do not be afraid to leave less than 5 stars. Although rare, I have left a few 2 and 3-star reviews on products that were really crummy. I still constantly get offered free products, so do not be afraid that you will no longer get free products if you leave a bad review. These companies truly want constructive criticism, this is what helps them improve their products. I also want to mention that nowhere on my Amazon Profile, do I mention having a blog. So none of these companies are looking at me as a large source of traffic to their product.
  • Do not review a product before you receive it! I know that seems like common sense, but people do this sometimes to get more free products because a lot of these sites have a limit on how many products you can have at a time. When you get caught doing this, you will more than likely lose the privilege of receiving free products
  • Lastly, ALWAYS make sure to note at the end of your review “I received this product for free in exchange for my honest unbiased review.” This is required by Amazon and you could possibly get your Amazon account banned if you do not state that disclosure. It is important for Amazon customers to put that into consideration before buying a product.

Now for the good stuff. These are my absolute favorite Amazon review sites that I have found that carry the best quality products.

AMZ Review Trader: This is my favorite site out of all of them. They have a huge selection of products. I would say that about 80% of the products I receive come from here. Unfortunately, you do have to request to review each product and then wait for the seller to approve you, but it’s worth it. The range of products on this site is massive. You can review up 20 products at a time I believe when starting out and it increases to even more over time.

Review Kick: This site is similar to AMZ Review Trader and definitely one of my favorites. It does not have as large of a selection, but it is still a very big selection of several high-quality products. You can request up to 10 products at a time.

Dollar Deal Reviews: The items on this site are not free. They are all $1.00. However, they have a lot of great items for $1.00. I actually managed to score a hand crank spiralizer to make Zucchini noodles from this website! You can have 2 products at a time. I like this site because you do not have to wait for approval, you can buy the product immediately.

Elite Deal Club: Occasionally I have found free products on here, but most of the time they are discounted. The really good deals go fast on this site, so check it first thing in the morning. I once got 800 doggy poop bags for $.50 on this site. Talk about a steal! These products are available to purchase immediately also.

Snagshout: This site is mostly discounted products. It’s rare I get things from this site, but I have found a few deals worth purchasing, plus they also allow you to purchase the products immediately.

Amazing Deals Group: This one is just okay. The selection of products you get to choose from each day is very limited. I did, however, manage to get a replacement filter for my refrigerator and replacement toothbrush heads for my Sonicare toothbrush from here for free, so there are good finds from time to time on things you actually need.

Etekcity: This site does have some very high-quality products. The catch is, you can only have one product every month, but they are more expensive products, so I can understand that. I was able to get a very nice body weight scale from this site.

These are my favorite sites. There are more out there if you look, but I find that these are the sites that offer the most value and have a larger product selection. One word of advice, it may be tempting to apply for huge amounts of products at one time, but keep in mind, you still have to leave reviews. I did this in the beginning and it really took up a massive amount of my time.

These sites can really save you a lot of money in your budget too. I am constantly getting things for free or cheap that I would have purchased elsewhere. Some of these things include:

  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Toothbrush replacements
  • Vitamins
  • Doggy poop bags
  • Heath food products such as chia and flax seeds
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Dog treats
  • Garbage bags

Here are some of the great products I have received for free or very cheap. Actually, all of these were free except the duvet cover, it was $2.00.

SpaceMax Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Space Saver BagsTHE BEST Dead Sea Mud MaskOXA Canvas Messenger Bag Shoulder BagRoyal Stemless Wine Glass SetNestl Bedding Duvet CoverEssential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

I really enjoy being able to review products for free and it has really helped me save money on a lot of purchases as well. I highly recommend you give it a shot. It’s surprising the great things you can get as well as things you really need. Just last week, I saved myself $40 when I needed to buy a new mattress protector because ours was on its last leg. I was able to find one for $4.99 on one of these sites!


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    Thank you for this. I’ve started looking into getting paid for completing the surveys that I do, because that is time that I could and should be making some money for myself for my thoughtful reviews. This is a great resource to get me started. Thank you!

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    Thank you so much for all this helpful information! I’ve thought about trying something like this for some time, but didn’t have a clue how to begin. I for one am not a writer, but I do no that I could give a honest opinion on a product. I to will also repin this, thanks again Jessica.

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